Montenegro to Establish Two Centres of Excellence

By , 12 Sep 2019, 19:51 PM Business
Montenegro to Establish Two Centres of Excellence Copyrights: Government of Montenegro

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12 September 2019 - Montenegro will establish two centres of excellence in the field of food science and biomedicine, worth 2,5 million EUR, of which the state will co-finance 1,8 million EUR in three years.

The Government of Montenegro has adopted the Information on Support for the Establishment of New Centres of Excellence, which elaborates the results of a new competition conducted this year. The competition resulted in two very high-quality proposals, according to which the Ministry of Science will enter into funding negotiations. The total value of the two projects is about 2,5 million EUR, of which co-financing from the state budget is 1,8 million EUR for three years.

The first-ranked centre is in the field of food science called: Centre of Excellence for Digitization in the Field of Food Safety and Food Authenticity – FoodHub by Prof. dr Aleksandra Martinović, reports the PR service of the Government of Montenegro.

The second-ranked centre refers to research in biomedicine. It is headed by Dr Vjeroslava Slavić.

The main features of this instrument of support of the Ministry of Science are:

- creating strong cores of the scientific and innovation ecosystem, bringing together researchers and experts who focus on full-scale research, recruiting and scholarships for young researchers;

- creating or significantly improving products or services for a well-defined industry that can help existing Montenegrin businesses improve their international competitiveness by integrating advanced knowledge, technology and innovation into traditional sectors of the economy and

- establishing international cooperation, which is a very important factor in the operation of the centres, as they should be the hubs through which we more effectively connect with Europe and the world.

Minister of Science, Sanja Damjanović congratulated the teams of both top-ranked projects on extremely well-prepared applications, but also praised other proposals through this competition which showed that there are many quality ideas in our community, that people are willing to work on implementing complex programs that can bring visible improvement in to our society and especially to the economy, with the expectation that negotiations with the two first-ranked teams will be successfully completed by the end of this year when their realization will begin.

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