Hotel “Piva” to Open Doors in Two Years

By , 04 Sep 2019, 14:29 PM Business
Hotel "Piva" Hotel "Piva" Svetlana Mandic

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The new owner of the hotel “Piva” in Pluzine, located on the shore of Piva Lake and the only facility of its kind in the municipality, Dragan Bogdanovic, said that if everything goes according to plan, the doors of the facility, which closed on August 1, 2011, will be reopened within two years.

Born in Piva, Bogdanovic lives and works in Belgrade and became the owner of the hotel in July.

"I bought the hotel, primarily for emotional reasons, because I grew up with it. I plan to renovate the facility as much as possible, to meet all the required standards and to be at an appropriate level," Bogdanovic told “Vijesti”.

He bought the hotel at a public auction for 200 thousand euros. The starting price of the sale was 152,000 euros, and, according to the government's Auction Commission, in addition to Bogdanovic, Veselin Ivanovic from Belgrade and Zeljko Bakrac from Pluzine also submitted applications.

 “I plan to expand the range of offerings, but first we should prepare everything and do it right. I have the support of the local government and I hope that in a year and a half or two, the hotel will be put into operation," Bogdanovic said.

Both the local government and the Nature Park Piva (NP) are pleased that the hotel has acquired a new owner.

 “I am sure that putting the hotel in operation will contribute to even faster and better development of tourism and tourist offer in the municipality of Pluzine. In addition to the importance of tourism development, it is not negligible to mention the job vacancies that this facility will generate. In any case, a critical moment for tourism in Piva”, said the director of NP "Piva”, Slobodan Delic.

The 550-square-meter hotel, with associated land totaling 1,451 square meters, was built in 1976. The property has a basement, ground floor, two floors and attic, restaurant and 44 accommodation units.

The Riviera Budva bought the hotel in 2012 for 300,000 euros and leased the property for one year.

Text by Svetlana Mandic, on September 4th 2019, read more at Vijesti

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