Trans-Adriatic Gas Pipeline will Bring Benefits to Montenegro

By , 18 Aug 2019, 11:09 AM Business
Trans-Adriatic Gas Pipeline will Bring Benefits to Montenegro Copyrights: Trans-Adriatic Gas Pipeline Media

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18 August 2019 - Natural gas that is going to be transported by the Trans-Adriatic gas pipeline, will contribute to decarbonization and its effects will be felt in South-East Europe and Western Balkans primarily, said a representative of TAP for Greece Katerina Papaleksandri.

According to Papaleksandri, energy sectors hinge on hard fossil fuels for electricity production, such as coal and lignite.

"Trans-Adriatic Pipeline will help Europe shift to the economy with low carbon-dioxide share, it will diversify energy supply sources, strengthen European competition and improve the European gas connection. We expect demand for natural gas to increase, since it replaces coal and wood," said Papaleksandri.

Trans-Adriatic Pipeline is part of Trans-Anatolian Pipeline which came into use last summer and is intended to bring gas to the Azerbaijani  Shah Deniz 2 gas field in the Caspian Sea, crossing Turkey to Europe. Trans-Adriatic Pipeline starts at the Greek-Turkish border, goes through Albania, Adriatic Sea and comes ashore in Southern Italy. The first gas deliveries will begin next year.

Papaleksandri said that works in Greece and Albania neared completion and that almost all pipes had been filled and installed.

"Trans-Adriatic Pipeline is currently moving further into the project construction phase. Compressor and dosing stations are being completed, pipeline receiving terminal in Italy as well," pointed out Papaleksandri.

She points out that the European Commission and the EU Member States have recognized the Trans-Adriatic Pipeline as a very important strategic project. The pipeline is 878 kilometers long.

On 1 July, the Trans-Adriatic Pipeline launched a market test, a commercial process through which gas shippers can get access to new, long-term capacities.

Trans-Adriatic Pipeline representative for Greece says that natural gas is the best energy source in conjunction with renewable resources, thanks to its price and natural characteristics.

"Gas, as the cleanest fuel fossil fuel, has clear environmental advantages over other energy sources such as coal and oil," stressed out Papaleksandri, as CdM reports.

She adds that the development of renewable energy resources is crucial to European transition to the economy with low carbon-dioxide share.

"Natural gas will still be part of the divergent energy mix, which includes other energy sources, such as renewable nuclear sources. Europe will need reliable, safe and accessible energy coming from various sources. In accordance with the European Energy Strategy, every EU Member State should have access to at least three electricity supply sources," concluded Papaleksandri.

Trans-Adriatic Pipeline stretch passing through Montenegro is Ionian-Adriatic pipeline. Papaleksandri said that she did not want to comment on other pipeline systems.

"Trans-Adriatic Pipeline remains open for cooperation with IAP promoters," added Papaleksandri.

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