886.000 Euros for Hotel "13 July" in Virpazar

By , 26 Jul 2019, 13:24 PM Business
Hotel in Virpazar Hotel in Virpazar Savo Prelevic

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Company "Termoinzenjering" from Podgorica has offered 886.000 euros for the hotel "13. July "in Virpazar, announced by the bankruptcy administration of Atlas Bank, while there were no interested buyers for the attractive bank building in the center of Podgorica in the street “Stanko Dragojevic”.

The bankruptcy board of the bank owned by the president of Atlas Group who is on Interpol warrant Dusko Knezevic has authorized the law firm of Zorica Djukanovic for the sale of property that was announced on June 24th. The public tender was held yesterday.

The initial price for selling the hotel in Virpazar, which in the foundation has 862 square meters and a garden of 2.113 square meters, was 785 thousand euros, while the property in Podgorica was offered for 1.98 million euros.

The law office of Djukanovic opened the offer of "Termoinzenjering", whose activity is according to the data from the Central Register of Business Entities "Facility Maintenance Services". The owner and executive director is Ranko Scepanovic. “Termoinzenjering" was the only one who submitted the offer, while the second public tender for the sale of real estate in Podgorica was not held because there were no applications for participation.

The building in Podgorica in the foundation has 400 square meters plus a courtyard of 34 square meters, but it is built on four levels, of which one part includes a congress hall below the ground. One month and a half ago, the bankruptcy administration of Atlas bank already announced this property for sale together with the former headquarters of Atlas Bank in Atlas Capital Center, but this tender was canceled very quickly according to the decision of the Central Bank. The bankruptcy at Atlas Bank was introduced at the beginning of April this year. The acknowledged claims of the Atlas bank in bankruptcy amount to 133.07 million euros, but this is not the final figure due to appeals procedures initiated by bank customers dissatisfied with the amount of money recognized by the bankruptcy administration according to their basic claims.

The bankruptcy manager of Atlas Bank Mirko Radonjic said that appeals procedures are currently being conducted according to a number of decisions, and the appeal period is still ongoing for a certain number of verdicts, and certain procedures are terminated for legal reasons.

Text by Milorad Milosevic and Marija Mirjacic, on July 25th, 2019, read more at Vijesti

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