Smart Solution of Telekom Registers Montenegro on Regional Tourist Map

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E-charger in function E-charger in function Telekom

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Tivat, Cetinje and Pljevlja received the first public chargers for electric cars, for which Montenegrin Telekom developed a technical solution. The charger in Tivat was installed at the parking lot on Arsenal Street in cooperation with the company Parking Service Tivat. In Cetinje, it is owned by the restaurant "Konak", while two chargers in Pljevlja are provided by the restaurant "Taša". Telekom announces the installation of e-chargers at new 11 locations across Montenegro.

In March this year, Telekom placed the first public charger in St. Stefan, as part of the luxury resort "Aman Sveti Stefan", owned by Adriatic Properties. Telekom announced that the installation of new e-chargers in the three Montenegrin cities is a continuation of the e-mobility program, which would allow owners of electric cars to visit the whole of Montenegro, without fear that their car will remain without power while driving.


E-charger in Tivat (Photo: Telekom)

"After St. Stefan, Tivat, Cetinje and Pljevlja received the chargers, and I am particularly glad that I can announce the installation of chargers at another 11 locations throughout Montenegro over the next period. By setting up the ecosystem of electric car chargers (e-mobility), we not only contribute to the sustainable development of Montenegro - at the same time encouraging the development of tourism and preserving the environment - but also upgrading the concept of a smart city that Telekom implements as the leader of the digitization process in the country. In this way, Montenegro expands its presence on the regional interactive map for electric vehicles -

Thanks to that, tourists from all over Europe can continue their tour of the Mediterranean in our country, certain that they will have the support of car charging during the whole trip," said Vuk Vukasinovic, an expert in software solutions development at the Montenegrin Telekom.

Chargers are available to all citizens, and information about their locations is also available via iOS and Android PlugSurfing applications, as well as on the map Telekom believes that there will be even more of such initiatives since there are more and more electric vehicles in Europe, but also that the private sector in Montenegro is increasingly open and the innovative solutions in that company are developing in accordance with the specific needs of clients.

"Telekom, besides installing electric chargers, also offers software that enables user registration, remote e-charging management, statistics and monitoring, and, if necessary, charging the service," Vukasinovic recalls.


Telekom (Photo: Telekom)

E-cars are not the future but the present, and for their active use, adequate infrastructure is needed. That's why the Montenegrin Telekom, as the leader in the field of information and communication technologies (ICT) development, is working intensively on designing smart solutions for the Montenegrin market, and offers private and public sector expertise in their implementation.

Text by Promo, on July 18th, 2019, read more at Vijesti

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