Infrastructure and Construction Projects for Development of the North

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Infrastructure and Construction Projects for Development of the North Copyrights: Youtube Screenshot

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22 June 2019 - The Government of Montenegro has allocated, through the Capital Budget, around 500.000 EUR for the construction of the town square in Racina-čaršija street in Plav. The Public Works Administration signed a contract with Nikšić-based company "LD Gradnja" LTD on the construction of this square. The deadline for the completion of the works is 120 days from the date of the contractor's introduction into the business.

The square will be built in the place of the current courtyard of primary and secondary schools, on an area of nearly 4.000 square meters. The project solution is based on the modern arrangement of city public areas, while retaining the elements of the traditional. There are plans to maintain a healthy and highly cultivated greenery, while the greenery that is removed during the construction will be replaced with new seedlings.

The plateau contains a manifestation area in form of an amphitheater, stands, a pedestrian zone, and a children's playground, as reported Public Relations service within the Government of Montenegro. For the tiling, they provided a natural stone, which is resistant to wear, impact and low temperatures.

The Government of Montenegro also provided 1,09 million EUR through the Capital Budget for the reconstruction of part of the road Rožaje – Štedim, within the fifth phase of works on this section. According to the announcement of the Government of Montenegro, the construction contract was signed yesterday between the Public Works Administration and Rožaje-based company Tofi. Deadline for completion of works is 150 days from the date of the introduction of the contractor into the business.

This is the final phase of the road construction in a total length of 7.2 kilometers, leading to Štedim, the location where the construction of the base station for the new ski center at Hajla is planned. The realization of this project creates the conditions for starting preparations for the construction of the ski resort.

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