Montenegro at Smart Specialisation Strategies and Transfer of Technology Conference

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Montenegro at Smart Specialisation Strategies and Transfer of Technology Conference Copyrights: European Union Science Hub

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18 June 2019 - At the invitation of Deputy Director-General of the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission, Ms. Charlina Vitcheva, Minister of Science of Montenegro Sanja Damjanović participates in the conference Supporting Smart Specialisation Strategies and Transfer of Technology in Southeast Europe at the Polytechnic University in Bucharest, Romania. 

In her introductory address, Vitcheva commended Montenegro's efforts in the development of the Smart Specialisation Strategy, which, after two years, is in the final phase of the process. Vitcheva reminded that last May in Sofia the main theme of the conference on strategies for smart specialisation was the Western Balkans and the development of these strategies in the Balkans region. The first international workshop in the Western Balkans, dedicated to this process, was held in Podgorica on 5 February 2019, organised by the Ministry of Science and the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission. 

During the panel session "Improving Innovation Policies in Southeast Europe through Smart Specialisation Strategies and Transfer of Technology", Minister Damjanovic said that Montenegro was very proud because on Thursday the Government will consider the Smart Specialisation Strategy. 

In Montenegro, there are more than 105 strategies, but the Smart Specialisation Strategy will unite all those that are focused on developing economic, or scientific and technological potential, as stated in the Ministry of Science's report.

As the Minister pointed out, Montenegro is also working on establishing innovative ecosystems by encouraging the creation and development of start-ups. The first Scientific and Technological Park in Podgorica will be a leading institution dedicated to the promotion of technological transfer, and one of the main instruments for the implementation of the Smart Specialisation Strategy.

Based on the strategic vision of Montenegro's development, the Strategy defines four priority areas, three vertical ones: sustainable agriculture and a food value chain, energy and sustainable environment and sustainable and health tourism, as well as a horizontal priority area: information and communication technologies, because it provides business and technical support to other priority areas.

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