Montenegro at Building Effective Institutions Conference in Ankara

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Montenegro at Building Effective Institutions Conference in Ankara Copyrights: Building Effective, Responsible and Inclusive Institutions Conference Turkey

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15 June 2019 - Minister of Public Administration Suzana Pribilović attended the Regional Conference of Europe and Central Asia on building effective, responsible and inclusive institutions, which took place in Ankara. 

The main topics of the first ECA conference were innovations in governance reforms, raising the capabilities and responsibilities of governments, as well as examples of good practice in management reforms and presentation of the latest solutions and applications for society and companies. In addition, the conference divided into six thematic areas that are fundamental for development of capabilities and responsibilities of the governments, discussed strengthening public policies, effective management resources, the improvement of public services, strengthening of the public-private cooperation in order to the effective operation and investment, understanding and engagement with political and economic drivers and Gov. – Tech.

On the sidelines of the Conference, Minister Pribilović met with Vice President of the World Bank for Europe and Central Asia Cyril Muller, who supported Montenegro's public administration reform path. 

Minister Pribilović thanked Vice President Muller for the opportunity to attend the Conference, as well as to discuss important reform processes in the area of public administration. 

"We are aware of the fact that it is not possible to improve the competition and economic growth without quality of public administration reform and I thank you for the World Bank's support for Montenegro and we expect support to be continued in the future," Minister Pribilović pointed out in the public announcement for Ministry of Public Administration of Montenegro.

Vice President Muller emphasised the importance of the financial reform sustainability and highlighted that Montenegro has done much more in this area, bearing in mind the complexity of this process and that it should continue with the initiated processes. 

The Conference that was organised under auspices of the World Bank for Europe and Central Asia (ECA) was attended by about 450 delegates, including senior government officials, international partners, representatives of academia, the private sector and civil society from all the countries of the Europe and Central Asia, including the EU member states. 

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