Representatives of Republic of San Marino in Montenegro

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Representatives of Republic of San Marino in Montenegro Copyrights: President of Montenegro Media

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27 May 2019 - President of Montenegro Milo Đukanović met in Budva with the Regents of San Marino, Michele Muratori and Nicola Selva, who are on a visit to Montenegro on the occasion of the Games of Small States of Europe.

President Đukanović said that bilateral relations between Montenegro and San Marino are extremely good, that since the renewal of Montenegrin independence, they have been promoted in a spirit of mutual understanding and trust, and that there is a considerable space for their further progress. To this, as the President said, the high delegation's visit will also significantly contribute as an important step in intensifying the political dialogue that is the cornerstone of successful cooperation.

"Montenegro sees this event as yet another opportunity to connect and strengthen the cooperation of small countries, and to promote sports, economic potentials and confirmation of openness and friendship," Đukanović said. He particularly welcomed the holding of the small-scale economic forum as a good opportunity for connecting businesspeople.

The meeting assessed that Montenegro and San Marino, two small, friendly countries, have many similarities: a long and rich history and significant cultural heritage, and recognized as countries that respect tradition, at the same time follow the achievements of modern civilization and are committed to the affirmation of European values, but also of its peculiarities. Regents have shown great respect for the achievements of Montenegro, stressing that San Marino is looking for a more dynamic economic development and a European perspective.

"We are honored and pleased to stay in Montenegro rich in history, culture, and beauty. We are divided by the Adriatic Sea, but our nations are connected," said Muratori and Selva. Regents of San Marino called on President Đukanović to visit their country, which was accepted with pleasure.

During the conversation, numerous areas have been identified in which there are a mutual interest and opportunities for cooperation in the field of economy, tourism, and culture.

It is jointly assessed that the implementation of the concept of sustainable development, the preservation of the natural environment and cultural heritage, and the readiness for cooperation in this regard is extremely important for the two countries.

President Đukanović wished success to San Marino teams at the upcoming Games.

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