Public Call for Sale of Government Bonds at 190 Million EUR

By , 18 Apr 2019, 22:15 PM Business
Public Call for Sale of Government Bonds at 190 Million EUR Copyrights: Montenegro Stock Exchange

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18 April 2019 -The Montenegro Stock Exchange announced the public call for the sale of the government bonds via an auction. The total value of the emissions amount to 190 million EUR and the auction will be held on 22 and 23 April 2019, as said by the company representatives.

The conclusions of the transactions will be done by the members of the Montenegro Stock Exchange – brokerage companies.

“Based on this, interested business entities and citizens can buy the government bonds via brokerage houses operating on the Montenegro Stock Exchange. The conclusions of transactions may also be done by the banks that have the permit and license for custody operations on the Montenegrin capital market,“ the public call suggests.

To be able to purchase stocks, potential investors should have a signed client contract with the bank or brokerage house, and they should also confirm or sign the order for buying bonds.

The Stock Exchange of Montenegro expects that response to the purchase of state bonds will be significant. Domestic and regional commercial banks, insurance agencies and other legal entities that would like to invest with minimum risk will show the greatest interest, said the acting CEO of the Montenegrin stock exchange, Mirko Marković.

He believes that this time, even the citizens’ interest will be huge, due to the situation in the banking market.

“Lower risk and interest rate higher than the rate on time deposits or savings in banks are the reasons why citizens will choose to buy bonds instead. Another advantage is that the funds invested in bonds are not “trapped”. In case of need, citizens can sell the bonds at the secondary stock exchange and make a profit before the maturity date,” said Marković.

Ministry of Finance has announced that they will issue bonds via Stock Exchange of Montenegro on 22 and 23 April. They are worth €190 million.

Price of one bond amounts 1.000 EUR. Maturity is five or seven years and the projected interest amounts are estimated at 3 and 3,5%.

The new price is ten times lower than the one offered previously.

“This is another good reason for the citizens to choose to buy bonds since the new price of a bond is much affordable,” says Marković.

Borrowing at the domestic market will provide cheaper means of budget financing and the capital market will extend its offer by two financial instruments.

“The impact that issue of state bonds will have on the capital market and the stock exchange itself is multiple positive,” said Marković.

According to him, extending the offer of the capital market will increase the interest of investors and restore trust when it comes to not only bonds but other financial instruments as well.

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