Lufthansa Opening Connections Tivat-Munich and Tivat-Frankfurt

By , 07 Mar 2019, 22:35 PM Business
Lufthansa Opening Connections Tivat-Munich and Tivat-Frankfurt Tivat Airport: Lufthansa Landing from the next month, Copyright: Vijesti

March 7, 2019 - Representatives of the Lufthansa Group visited the Tivat Airport, a month before their first flight to Montenegro. For the first time in history, the biggest European company is flying to Tivat from Munich, and a day later from Frankfurt. During talks with the Airport of Montenegro's Managing Director, Danilo Orlandić, representatives of Lufthansa informed that their airplane from Tivat would fly to Munich and Frankfurt once a week.

"With these flights, we offer new opportunities and new connections to destinations such as New York, London, Miami, and Los Angeles, and now all these destinations can be connected to Tivat, and this is a great improvement for all travelers from Montenegro. increasing demand from Germany so it is a pleasure to see the flights already booked," said Bernhard Wodl, general manager of the Lufthansa group for the region.
"This is very important for us, and I think it is an excellent thing for the whole country. Lufthansa is of importance as the world's seventh company and the first in Europe. It has over 700 aircraft, and enough to be in the Lufthansa magazine for the name of Montenegro and the name of Tivat municipality. That is a great thing for all of us," said Danilo Orlandic, director of the Airport of Montenegro.
Orlandic added that Lufthansa's operating teams had been controlling Tivat Airport earlier days.
"We have certain demands on their side that we will comply. This cooperation is another confirmation that both Tivat Airport and Montenegro Airport are at an extremely high level of service" Orlandić said.
The Director of Lufthansa Group in Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Slovenia, Bernhard Wodl previously stated that Lufthansa decided to launch connections between Tivat and both its hubs in Germany, as the Montenegrin market has a lot of potentials.  

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