Beaches in Budva: 25 Locations on Lease for Upcoming Season

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Beaches in Budva: 25 Locations on Lease for Upcoming Season Mogren Beaches, Copyright:

February 25, 2019 - The Public Company Sea Property has announced a public call for the lease of 25 public beaches in Jaz, Mogren, Brijeg Od Budve and on the islands of Sveti Nikola. The starting price of the beach, without VAT, ranges from around 1,700 Euros to 27,000 euros.

There are 17 locations on the beach of Jaz. The cheapest beach of 40 meters long at Zuta Greda can be obtained at a minimum price of €1.690. By public invitation, on this beach, you can set up a beach bar of six square meters without a terrace. It is the most expensive to lease a beach at Jaz, in the central part, where a length of 105 meters and a surface of 4,140 square meters should be issued at least 26,951 euros.
The type of the beach is public-family, and it is possible to approve a beach bar at a maximum surface area of ten square meters with a terrace of 100 m2. This beach could be equipped with temporary pontoon and a ticket sales outlet, as stated in the competition. Two beaches are offered at Mogren. Mogren II in length 130 meters and area of 1,082 square meters is a public-family beach. In this area, it is permissible to set up a stand for ice cream and beverages. The minimum rental price is 5.276 euros.
The starting price for Mogren 1 is 15.447 euros. It is 100 meters long and has 1,950 square meters. The beach bar area is 30 meters, and a 90 square meter terrace is allowed. The Sea Property also offered two public-family beaches on the location of Brijeg Od Budve, so-called Rikardova Glava. For the one in the centre, it is 20 meters in length, 240 square meters, and the starting price is 7,000 euros. It is possible to set a 12-square-meters bar with the same area for a terrace. The second beach is at the eastern end of the hill, with a minimum rental price of 11,170 euros- 53 meters long and 1,100 square meters. The bar can be opened on 18 square meters and a terrace of 55.
The beach at the north-western end of the Sveti Nikola Island with a length of 205 meters and area of 6.300sqm, which is planned to set up a temporary catering facility with a terrace, can be leased at an initial price of 10.450 euros. The beach, 40 meters long with a surface of 250 square meters, can be rented for a rate of 500 euros, without the possibility of placing temporary facilities.
The least amount of 4.239 euros is to be paid for the beach "Pod Murvom" on the western part of the island (100 meters long, 700 square meters).
Two beaches in Prijevor, on the western part of Jaz, are located within the inner area, and according to the Law on Nature Protection of Tenants is obliged to issue a permit by the Agency for the Protection of the Environment. 
The contest is open until March 8th. The public auction will be held on March 11 and 12.

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