Research Activities in Bar Aquatics, Energen is Coming

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Research Activities in Bar Aquatics, Energen is Coming Ramform Titan, Copyright:

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February 5, 2019 - 3D geophysical research of the Montenegrin submarine on blocks 30 and 26, according to the Concession Agreement for Oil and Gas exploration and production with the Greek company Energean, will begin in the next ten days, the Department for hydrocarbons said.

Norwegian company PGS will conduct the research, and the arrival of the Ramform Titan ship, which will lead 3D shooting, as well as the accompanying ships Thor Freya and Sanco Sea, are expected on Wednesday, 6 February.
"The Ramform Titan will not be in Port of Bar but will be on the harbor anchor, about a mile off the coast. The research will be carried out on blocks of the total surface area of 338km2 located in the area between Bar and Buljarica. The ship Ramform Titan will carry out preparatory activities for collecting seismic data from 7 to 10 February. The preparation will include descending into the water of 14 strides of the length of 7.5 kilometers as well as the accompanying equipment. This equipment is necessary to get a reflected signal from different geological layers in the submarine. After that, calibration and final testing of equipment will serve as an introduction to the beginning of geophysical research. The plan is that the 3D geophysical recording on blocks 30 and 26 will start on 10 February and last for eight days," explained the Department for hydrocarbons.
As stated, all environmental protection measures and monitoring of environmental parameters will be implemented following the guidelines from the Elaborate on Environmental Impact Assessment of these activities, which is approved by the Agency for Nature and Environment Protection.
"Monitoring of the zero-state environment parameters, which includes the condition and movement of marine mammals and reptiles as well as exploration of fish catches, was carried out before the start of researching activities. These same tests will be carried out next year at the same time to compare the results," said the Department for hydrocarbons.
On the Ramford Titan will be an Environmental Control and Communication Officer (ECCO) to ensure compliance with the regulations and conditions defined by the approved Elaborate.
"Specially trained and licensed seafarers and turtle observers will be located on the 3D geophysical recording vessel, as well as operators who will observe the latest equipment for passive acoustic monitoring and night-time recording equipment. During the recording period, as well as during the day of recording, there will be two fishermen's liaison officers as well as representatives of state institutions.
3D Seismic Research on Blocks 30 and 26 defines the Work Program of the Concession Contract signed in March 2017 with the Greek company Energean. These investigative activities are carried out by the program for the First Investigation Period, "the Department for hydrocarbons said.


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