Parking Service: Parking Payment Machines Available Next Week

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Parking Service: Parking Payment Machines Available Next Week Copyrights: Parking Service Podgorica

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29 January 2019 - A modern series of parking ticket payment machines will start functioning next week in the capital. Director of the Parking Service, Nusret Canović, said that the test period was being finished and that everything was ready for the work.

“We are expecting the delivery of stickers with the instructions of the use of parking ticket dispenser machines, that is, instructions for paying the parking lot,” says Canović.

He points out that the series of ticket payment machines are new and provide many options for the citizens. Unlike the machines used so far, these new ones will cover all zones, and they will be able to receive paper money, not only coins.

Parking ticket payment machines are located at the crossroad of Sloboda and Hercegovačka Street, at the corner of Bokeška and Njegoševa Street, at the Balšića Square. The machines near the Culture Information Center, Clinical Center and the machine in Balšića Street existed earlier.

Last year was a record year for Parking Service company.  Last year “smart parking” started functioning downtown and three parking lot areas were reconstructed entirely. This year, they are planning sensor networks on parking lots. These sensors are installed below the asphalt via which the information about the number of free parking places is being sent.

Canović says that the most important project is the introduction of “Parking Service Podgorica,” an application which will officially start functioning next week.

“That will be the very first official application for paying the parking. It has already been designed for Android, and now we’re waiting for it to be designed for iOS software. The application enables the users to pay the zone parking, and it shows them what zone they are in. In addition, thanks to the application “digital kiosk”, it will be possible that the citizens pay the parking lot using their payment cards,” said Canović.

“This year, we will also focus on the modernization of garage and parking with barriers. We’ll work on digitalization and enable citizens to get online insight into the number of free places on our parking spaces. They will also have navigation to free places,” explains Canović.

One of the ideas is making a flexible price list.

“We’ll examine every location individually and make logical prices for every part of the town. Locations that are not located in the center of the town will have lower parking prices. It will be a price list adapted to the real needs and demands of citizens,” points out Canović.

Source: Cafe del Montenegro

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