Largest Investment Allocated for Bjelasica and Đalovića Cave

By , 08 Jan 2019, 22:44 PM Business
Đalovića cave Đalovića cave Stefan Vukićević

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The program of spatial planning in the Bjelo Polje municipality in 2019 will cost 22,030,181 euros, mostly for the continuation of works on the valorization of the mountain Bjelasica (4.120.000) and Đalovića cave (3.450.000), as well as the construction of a waste treatment plant, (1.169.834 euro).

The funds will be provided from the capital budget of the Municipality (EUR 2.893.000), the operational budget (882.000), loans with the European Investment Bank (40.800), the Directorate of Public Works (9.473.000), the Directorate for Transport (5.420.000) (2.103.147), EIB loan (569.834) and donations for construction of the plant (600.000).

In the construction of facilities of particular importance for the Municipality, EUR 15,179,834 will be allocated.

In the next year, reconstruction of the railway station will begin, for which 300,000 euros is planned, in continuation of works on the valorization of the mountain Bjelasica and Đalovića cave.

For the local infrastructure, 2,182,000 is allocated, which will be spent on the construction of the first phase of the city road in Resnik (228,000), access ramp to the bridge in Njegnjevo with public lighting (50,000), reconstruction of the Museum building (65,000), construction of Mojkovacka Street (150,000), which is also the amount of money for asphalting the municipal roads, which will be invested by the Municipality and the Directorate of Public Works.

160,000 euros will be invested in the construction and reconstruction of the water supply system (Zaton, Kanja, Babić brijeg water supply and reconstruction of water supply Sefersko and Radičko vrelo, and continuation of works on the water supply system Kradenik-Vrba), and for electricity facilities - 2,103,147 euros. 100,000 euros will be spent in the reconstruction of schools, and 50,000 in the city stadium renovation.

They plan to invest 370 thousand euros for the beginning of the construction of the elementary school "Dusan Korać", 150,000 euros for the gymnasium in Njegnjevo, a preschool institution in the upper part of the city 200,000 euros, while for the construction of the wastewater treatment plant 1,169,834 will be invested.

In the relocation of the city water pipeline Rakonje-Ribarevina for the reconstruction of the main road, 420,000 euros will be invested, the reconstruction of the main road Rakonje (traffic lights) - Ribarevine 2,800,000 euros will be invested, and the reconstruction of the same M21 main road, Bar Border bridge Dobrakovo third lane, will see  2,200,000 euros.

Text by Jadranka Cetkovic, on January 8th, 2019, read more at Vijesti

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