Hotels in Zabljak Fully Booked in Winter and Summer

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December 23, 2018 - We are not among those who easily make promises that we cannot fulfill, and I think that the people of Zabljak recognize it. We try not to make everything we promised an ordinary populist story, but a realistic, feasible development plan. The best proof is the numerous construction sites in the municipality and realized projects, says Veselin Vukićević, President of the Municipality of Zabljak, who is very optimistic about the new 2019."The city has surpassed the national frames in the interest of tourists! During the summer, all hotels had an exceptional booking so that about 60,000 tourists visited Zabljak until October, who made 130,000 overnight stays. With the development of various types of active tourism, such as biking, hiking, mountaineering, kayaking, rafting and more, Žabljak is becoming an increasingly popular summer tourist destination. Tourism is a specific branch of the economy, for the simple reason that you must always be attractive and innovative. Simply, "past work" in this activity does not exist," Vukićević said to Vecernje Novosti. He adds that with the start of the winter season, they expect the number of guests to increase.

"To be competitive, we invest significantly in the infrastructure, which we do, together with the state's support. Almost 1.5 kilometers to Savin Kuk is almost completed, and a parking space for daily skiers is also available. The contractor for the purchase of a six-seater cableway and the construction of four kilometers of new ski tracks was chosen, worth about nine million euros, financed by the Government of Montenegro. For the next year, reconstruction of the access road in the length of five kilometers is announced, construction of cannons for snow and the design of new tracks in the length of 20 kilometers is underway. We expect that through these projects we will succeed in bringing Zabljak back with the epithet of the regional winter center, "says Vukićević.

 "This summer, tourists had at their disposal ten hotels, one boarding house and 1,300 beds in private accommodation. New hotel-tourist facilities will contribute to enriching the tourist offer. Therefore, three private hotels are now being constructed. This season started with work a long-awaited restaurant on Crno jezero," he says.

He proudly points out that Montenegro has managed to bring the world-famous tourist brand "Aman", which begins to build a 5 + star hotel, at the site of the former hotel "Durmitor". "The value of this investment exceeds 20 million euros. Soon we expect the signing of a lease agreement for the military-tourist resort "Mediteran" with the renowned brand "Chedi".

Regarding the reconstruction of the hotel "Jezero", he adds that the construction of a tourist complex with bungalows is planned in this area, estimated at seven million euros.

Text by Novosti, on December 22nd, 2018, read more at CdM

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