Ports Law Amendments to Set Different Rules for Concessionaires

By , 14 Dec 2018, 09:34 AM Business
Ports Law Amendments to Set Different Rules for Concessionaires radiotivat.com
December 14, 2018 - The Government has established a proposal to amend the law on ports, which proposes the introduction of a new term “city port,” which will be used primarily for communal berths.
General Director of Naval Administration at the Ministry of Transport and Maritime Vladan Radonjić said that the port would not be used exclusively for communal berths, but a significant part of its capacity can be used for commercial purposes as well.
"If the concessionaire of the city port takes over the use of coastline of the entire urban area, he shall have the right to freely establish the price of the port services for commercial berths in that area. The maximum amount of port services for communal berths required by the company, if the port is of local importance or importance for the administration body, " Radonjić said after the session of the Government.
He reminded that the development of shipyard ports serves for the needs of complete services of foreign and domestic yachts. Among them, Bonići Tivat and Bijela shipyards already have declarations and have signed concession contracts on 30 November.
"The newly-built marinas and those that are yet to become quite different from the marinas that have been in the Montenegrin coastline for many years and used mostly for the needs of the local population," Radonjić said.
According to him, to establish better control and management of the Legislative Proposal, the competences of the steering are specified and include additional obligations of the concessionaire and the company that has signed the contract on the use of the port and its parts.
"The concept of operational coastline and commercial berths is clearly defined. The best example of the difference between these two terms is visible in the different treatment in the current activity of a registered vessel for the transport of passengers or commercial fishing, "Radonjić said.
Depending on the current activity of watercraft, it must use commercially-available actions at the designated operational area in the port and when it is possible to use communal and commercial mooring berths during the sleeping phase, usually in winter.
"We have such a situation in the field today, but we do not have a clearly defined port area, designated as an operational coastline.  Different rules will apply in future for the current commercial activity and part of the harbor where there are commercial and communal berths and a different tariff regime for a longer stay on the link that can be commercial or communal, "Radonjić explained.
Source: MINA Business

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