Coal Mine in Pljevlja Shows Positive Results

By , 05 Dec 2018, 21:38 PM Business
Coal Mine in Pljevlja Shows Positive Results Copyrights: Coal Mine Pljevlja

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05 December 2018 - Coal Mine Pljevlja produced 1.247.975 tons of coal from the beginning of the year until October. That is by 7% more than in the same period last year.

“Generated income was above the amount planned and it amounted to around 35 million EUR. Around 75% of total production accounted for the export,” said the representatives of the Coal mine.

In recent years they have extended the market to the region. The Coalmine can satisfy all the required quantities for the needs of wide consumption at a much higher level than they are now. Currently, reserves of coal amount around 62 million EUR.

In the next year, prices of coal will not change.

“Coal prices for wide and industrial consumption is different, depending on the caloric value. Prices range from 31,50 EUR per ton for fine coal to 48,27 EUR per ton for a cube or a piece. (VAT not included)”.

In the middle of July of this year, the ownership structure of Coal mine changed and Electric Power Company of Montenegro became the complete owner of the company in Pljevlja.

“It was quite logical and almost inevitable that two business entities whose capacities are directed towards each other and mutually dependent should integrate into a group or one common company. The existing model is functioning well, for now, business results in the first ten months are better than expected,” said the representatives of the company.

Text by Dnevne Novine, on December 5th, 2018, read more at CdM.

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