CEO of Arton Capital: “Montenegro Can Become Davos in the Balkans”

By , 14 Oct 2018, 02:06 AM Business
CEO of Arton Capital: “Montenegro Can Become Davos in the Balkans” Copyrights:

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13 October 2018 - The president and CEO of Arton Capital and an executive partner at Arton Investments, Armand Arton, who is also an ambassador of the global citizen movement, has recently been interviewed by the Montenegrin national radio and television company, the TVCG.

According to the words of Arton, who has been developing economic citizenship programs for 15 years, the Montenegrin program of economic citizenship will include two thousand investors and will bring more than 1 billion euros to Montenegro in the next three years.

During the interview, Arton also expressed his view on the economic citizenship program, stating that the smaller the country, the more positive the impact of the program of economic citizenship is on the country’s economy. According to this successful visionary entrepreneur, the economic citizenship program has been set up for 2,000 investors who would, if all goes according to plan, bring more than a billion euros to Montenegro in the next three years, all the while doubling foreign investments to the country. During the interview with the reporter from the TVCG, Mr. Arton also added a remark that “Montenegro can become Davos in the Balkans”.

Arton has stated that the investments hold great potential to the development of the Northern region of Montenegro, stating that the hotels and resorts in the north are crucial for the development of corporate tourism. During the interview, he added how the construction of the Montenegrin highway will be the key to further development of Montenegro as a country: "I believe that the highway will be a great base and that you will have a dynamic tourist season in the north throughout the year, and not just 5-6 months as on the coast. We know that both Montenegrins and foreigners like to go to the mountains in winter and summer," he said. Armand also concluded that Montenegro is a country with great potential for business.

Mr. Arton is the founder and president of Arton Capital, a leading global financial advisory practice specialized in investor programs for residence and citizenship. Arton is a trusted advisor to governments in structuring and implementing programs to boost foreign direct investments. He is the founder and chairman of the Global Citizen Forum, the remarkable yearly gathering of Global Citizens, as well as the Global Citizen Foundation, whose mission is to invest in empowering the future generation.

Montenegro is currently working on developing the economic citizen program, which was the main motive of the interview with Arton. According to the earlier official announcement of the Government of Montenegro, the Government, through its expert team, is preparing normative and procedural preconditions for starting a citizenship program for investment. The process will be transparent and implemented within state institutions, and during the realization of the program, interested investors will be able to invest 250,000 EUR in some of the development projects in an underdeveloped area or 450,000 EUR in a developed region.

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