International Monetary Fund Increased GDP Growth Rate in Montenegro

By , 11 Oct 2018, 02:18 AM Business
International Monetary Fund Increased GDP Growth Rate in Montenegro Copyrights: International Monetary Fund Photo

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10 October 2018 - The International Monetary Fund increased projections estimations of the growth of the Montenegrin economy on 3,7 % for this year.

Representatives of the Ministry of Finance said that growth rate increase was expected and necessary considering the indicators of economic activity during the six-month period.

“Intense investment activity in the first half of this year enhanced overall macroeconomic trends in the Montenegrin economy,” pointed out the representatives of the Ministry of Finance.

By activities, the most remarkable growth is recorded in the construction sector, and it’s followed by the retail trade sector and the tourism sector.

As far as projections for the next year are concerned, IMF representatives think that the Montenegrin economy will grow by 2,5 %. Inflation would amount 2,8 % in this year and 2% in the next one.

Even the World Bank altered the projections regarding economic growth in Montenegro and stated that this year it will increase by 3,8% instead of 2,8% as stated earlier.

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