Former Employees of “Dakić” Wrote to European Court for Human Rights in Strasbourg

By , 13 Sep 2018, 13:30 PM Business
Illustration Illustration Luka Zekovic

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September 13, 2018 - Representatives gathered at NGO "Radoje Dakić" and have asked the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg to order the Montenegrin courts and the legislative and executive authorities to validate the payment of claims by all approximately 1,800 employees, today’s creditors of the former plant factory.

In a letter to the European Court in front of this NGO, representatives Vojislav Perazic and Momir Ivanovic note that they are faced with poor human rights protection, no judicial verdicts have been enforced, as well as the social rights of former Radoje Dakić employees, which has been bankrupt since 19th December 2016.

They point out that for the past 12 years, former workers cannot charge their claims on the basis of the verdict, and more than 500 people have passed away. "Our courts starting from the Basic, High, Appellate, Supreme Constitutional Court did not comply with the executive judgments... We have used all the national legal remedies in 130 addresses to the relevant institutions in MNE," noted Perazic and Ivanovic and pointed out in the letter they are addressing to the European Court after the recommendations from the Delegation of the European Union in Podgorica. Total claims of "Dakic" by verdicts and estimated interest rates exceeded the amount of about EUR 60 million. Most of the 77 unpaid monthly earnings are based on verdicts of evaluated interest rates accrued during the multi-year period of non-payment of claims until bankruptcy was initiated. Five former workers, based on the European Court judgment in Strasbourg, have been paid in Montenegro, but the domestic institutions and the Constitutional Court have not yet ordered that, in accordance with it, the several decades of injustice to the former workers of this enterprise be corrected to other workers, that is, their legal successors.

Text by Milorad Milosevic, on September 13th, 2018, read more at Vijesti

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