Balkans Can Become Alternative Location for Direct Foreign Investments

By , 08 Aug 2018, 15:11 PM Business
Budva Budva

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August 8, 2018 - The Western Balkans can become an alternative location for direct foreign investment, the Vienna International Institute for International Research (WIIW) said in a recent report, stating that the reasons for this are insufficient labor force and improved infrastructure. 

In the WIIW report on business operations in the region, it is reported that the influx of foreign direct investment in 2018 affects global factors such as Russia's sanctions, US customs, Brexit, digitization.

According to data from the central banks of the countries of the region, Russia is the largest investor in the five-year period in the region, followed by Austria and Norway, reports

Russia is the largest investor in Montenegro with a total of EUR 426 million in investments.

Slovenia attracted the largest investment, and neighboring Austria invested 16.4 billion euros in this country in the five-year period. At the same time, Austria is the largest investor in Serbia for the nine-year period 2005-2013 with EUR 2.3 billion. This country is the largest investor in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where it has invested EUR 1.2 billion from 1994 to 2016.

From 2014 to April 2018, the Netherlands is the largest investor in Croatia with 3.35 billion euros.

Switzerland is the leading investor in Albania (EUR 1.08 billion), and in Macedonia (EUR 277 million) for a five-year period.

In Kosovo, since the proclamation of independence, Germany is the largest investor with 436 million euros.

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