Taxi Service in Podgorica More Expensive

By , 29 Jun 2018, 10:30 AM Business
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June 29, 2018 - Taxi companies Red Line and Alo increased the prices of their services, so the mileage will be 55 cents., instead of the previous 50.

The minimum fare in both taxi companies will still be one euro. The owner of the Red Line Željko Rubežić explains why they decided to increase the taxi service fee.

"Heat has started and the air conditioner must be turned on in the vehicle if the temperature is above 30 degrees Celsius. The air conditioning affects fuel consumption so this reflects our costs. The heat lasts until September and we have to be covered. The mileage is now 55 cents, and the minimum remains the same, one euro. Although we have increased the prices, citizens continue to use taxi transport. Whether the business is going to survive will be visible soon," said Rubežić.

The mileage for a ride was also increased by the company Alo taxi

"There are big crowds in traffic, air conditioning is turned on in the vehicles, fuel is getting more expensive. All of these reasons led us to increase the mileage by five cents per kilometer. The minimum price remained the same, one euro. Increasing the taxi service price did not affect the number of the customers," said Marko Ćetković, the director of Alo Taxi. 

The decision to increase the taxi service price in the coming days should also be made by Danilo Pejovic, owner of Exclusive. 

"We have not changed the price list for services so far but we will consider it. The mileage is still 50 cents but we will see whether it will stay like that. For now, conditions have been made to increase the price of services, and the most important reason for this is the high fuel price," said Pejović. On the other hand, the citizens of Podgorica believe that the increase of the taxi services is expected, as the fuel prices increase affects all other costs to be higher.

Text by Dan, on June 29th, 2018, read more at CdM

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