European Union: 1.5 Million EUR Granted to Montenegro for Construction of Bypass Around Budva

By , 20 Jun 2018, 01:16 AM Business
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June 19, 2018 - In the framework of the 19th invitation for grant support under the Western Balkans Investment Framework, which took place in Paris, France, the European Union granted an additional 1.5 million EUR to Montenegro. These funds are being allocated for the development of the project documentation for the construction of the bypass around Budva, which is for the priority part of the coastal variant of the Adriatic-Ionian motorway.

Newly allocated resources were confirmed at the meeting of the Steering Board of the Adriatic-Ionian motorway. At the meeting, Montenegro was represented by Deputy Chief Negotiator – National IPA Coordinator, Ivana Glisevic Djurovic.

The approved funding will be used for developing a preliminary project and social and environmental impact assessment for the 17 km of the priority bypass and two associated loops, relying on the 2.5 million EUR granted by the EU at the end of 2017 to develop the same documentation with the main project for the first 13 km of the bypass with a total length of 30 km. The approved project is added to a set of projects funded by the EU in Montenegro as part of the Berlin Process, a political platform within which the Union provides support to the Western Balkans for transport and energy connectivity and the implementation of related reforms in these areas.

Ivana Glisevic Djurovic presented this project to the members of the Steering Boards, pointing out benefits that Montenegro will have from the construction of a priority bypasses around Budva, especially in the area of traffic congestion management, which is in favor of meeting the requirements of accelerated tourism development. She emphasized that the Government of Montenegro will continue with dedicated work on the preparation of investments in infrastructure, on the line of commitment that infrastructure projects are among the main priorities of the country.

“I am convinced that the following construction of a priority bypass around Budva, as a part of the coastal variant of the Adriatic-Ionian motorway, will be of a great importance for the development of tourism in this region and intensification of the economic development of Montenegro as a whole," Glisevic Djurovic said in her speech.

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