Budva Wants Half a Million Euro from Germans, Money to be Returned to Municipality’s Account

By , 11 Jun 2018, 13:54 PM Business
Municipality Government Threatens with a Lawsuit: Municipality Budva Municipality Government Threatens with a Lawsuit: Municipality Budva Vuk Lajovic

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The Municipality Budva and the town’s water company will not give up on the case that the German company "WTE Desalination of Sea Water", which once owned the facility for osmosis on Zavala, returns almost half a million euro, which was "removed" from their accounts almost a year ago illegally.

June 11, 2018 - At the end of May, the municipality paid six and a half million euro to the "WTE Waste Water" account and started a final deal on the issue of the wastewater project, but the court case against the company will not be interrupted.

"These are two separate cases and we will ask for money to be returned to the Municipality’s account," said Budva's mayor Dragan Krapovic.


Krapović PHOTO: Vuk Lajović

He announced that it is possible to submit criminal reports in case of compulsive payment by "WTE" and activating bills of exchange. The Municipality of Budva filed a lawsuit against the German company that they compulsively charged 379,937.01 euro from the Municipality’s account without a legal basis and the abolition of the bills of exchange. The water-company has filed a lawsuit in a separate process, because, at the same time, WTE charged 110 thousand euro from their account. 

In May last year, the German firm activated bills of exchange totaling to 780,000, of which half was paid. The municipality then asked the Central Bank to stop the collection of bills of exchange, and informed the Special Prosecutor's Office, considering that the German company abused the bills of exchange that were not valid. The municipality concluded a solidarity facility contract with WTE in June 2010, which obliged it to be a solitary credit card at Adiko Bank, in addition to the main debtor "WTE Mediteran", and to fulfill the contractual obligations, so WTE committed itself to deliver 10 blank bills to the municipality with a "no protest" clause and a power of attorney to fill in the blank bill. Although, in May 2016, the Bank and the Municipality concluded a contract to regulate their mutual obligations, and the bills of exchange have ceased to be valid because contractual obligations were fulfilled, the bills of exchange were activated by “WTE desalinization”.

Text by Vuk Lajovic, on June 9th, 2018, read more at Vijesti

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