Best Social Innovation Idea in Montenegro?

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May 19, 2018 - The Centre for the Promotion of Civil Society from Bosnia and Herzegovina, alongside the Montenegrin Institute for Entrepreneurship and Economic Growth, is organizing the SMART Social Innovation Competition. This event focuses on social innovation for solving the social problem within communities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, and Turkey. Each country has five finalists in the final list, and one of each will claim the title of best social innovation idea in their respective country. 

The author of this article stands behind one of the ideas that made it into the Top 5 in Montenegro, and for this idea, to win the competition, it needs to gather the necessary votes. Voting is divided into three categories, via Facebook, via Instagram, and on the Competition’s official website. Voting on all of these three platforms is counted individually, so your vote across all three categories is the best way to help. The idea was submitted under the name “School of Financial Literacy”.

School of Financial Literacy

Financial illiteracy is one of the critical problems among young generations in Montenegro. The lack of understanding how money works, how markets contribute to the society, how regulations affect business, and how the government spends money is the problem which appears to be widespread in our society. That is why the School of Financial Literacy is there to help young people understand how economic and financial systems work. Through lectures, practice and interactive material the high school students will have the opportunity to find out more about basic principles of economics and finance but also explore some complex issues which will help them understand economic activities in our society better and be ahead of them all. 

The School of Financial Literacy will be organized in several forms which will be available for all high school students from the North to South. Not only that young students will have the opportunity to hear lectures from famous and distinguished economists, business people, bankers, financial analysts, and professors but also, they will be able to have access over the internet in case they don’t have the opportunity to be with us on site. The School of Financial Literacy is the project that could reshape the way of thinking and our views on economic activities and issues in our country. 

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