Average Salary in Montenegro in March – 508 EUR

By , 04 May 2018, 07:30 AM Business
Average Salary in Montenegro in March – 508 EUR Pixabay

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May 3, 2018 - The average salary without taxes in March was 508 EUR, as noted by Monstat, the national statistics agency in Montenegro. This value was 0.6% higher in February, but, however, the average salary without taxes remained the very same as it was the last year in the same period. Average salary with taxes included in March was as high as 761 EUR.

Monstat also published information about consumer prices, which were higher by 0.2% in March than in February. Keeping in mind that the average salary without tax was 0.6% higher in February and that consumer prices were less by 0.2% in the same month, statistics said that this represents a real total decrease in the average salary by 0.8%. 

However, the average salary in March increased compared to February in some sectors of business, such as providing services (5%), providing information and communication (4.9%), professional, scientific and technical activities (4.3%), real estate business (4.1%), constructing and architecture (3.8%), finances and insurance businesses (3.7%), transport and storage businesses (0.7%), while education had an increase of 0.2%.

Since the average salary without taxes decreased in general, some of the sectors were at a loss. These sectors recorded a decrease in the average salary: providing electrical energy (12.8%), art, entertainment and recreation (8.2%), mining ore and stone (4%), state administration and defense (2%), administrative and supporting activities (2%), trading wholesale and retail (1.4%), services in accommodation and food supply, as well as the agriculture, silviculture and fishing (1%), social and health protection (0.7%), manufacturing industry (0.5%), while in water supply and sewage management, the average salary decreased 0.4%.

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