Ivica Hausmeister's "Journey Through Time"

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October 2, 2018 - Neuropsychologist Ivica Hausmeister started his medical career in Tivat about 30 years ago. It took him to the UK, where he's been running a successful private practice for more than two decades. But, medicine is not the only sphere of his interest. Dr. Hausmeister also deals with astrophysics, and his book "Journey Through Time" aims to acquaint this area with the unprofessional public.

Ivica Hausmeister, a neuropsychiatrist, has been living and working in the UK for 25 years. However, successful medical and university practices are just one of the reasons we are talking with this decisive and vivid researcher, not just in the sphere of the human psyche. In fact, Dr. Hausmeister deals with physics and astrophysics at an extremely high level. The fruit of that dedication was published last year by the book "Journey Through Time."

Personal inquiries about the origins of the universe, the genesis of its emergence and the development of life on the planet we inhabit, is included in an exhaustive study of literature. And the inability to find the literature, which chronologically, accessible to ordinary man, explains the history of everything we know, made Dr. Hausmeister write such a work. Under the title "Time Travel: The Components of the Universe" is the first of four books he’s planning to publish on this topic. He intends to describe the history of the universe, the solar system, the Earth and the evolution of the life that exists in it.

Ivica Hausmeister: As for my ambitions and determination with which I approach my goals, I'm a bit uncomfortable. When I decide to do something, nothing can stop me. Since I was a child, my aspiration was to study medicine, and nothing could stop me there. There were very unusual circumstances under which I achieved that goal. After graduating from Medical School I worked in Tivat for two years as a general practitioner. However, I was quickly overwhelmed with restlessness and dissatisfaction; I asked what would be interesting for me to specialize in? I decided it would be neuropsychiatry, which was a challenge for me. As a specialist, I was in England in 1987 to visit my cousin. This was a shock to me, for the first time I had the opportunity to meet the world from a different perspective. And I said to myself - here's your future! When I talked to people about my plans to move to England, they laughed at me, as many times before I laughed at my goals. But, well, I went there, and have now lived and worked in England for more than two decades. Living there, of course, I went through some sort of personal transformation. Since I did not know English, I went through a very difficult journey, starting once more from the beginning. I had to learn the language; I had to prove my medical knowledge in that new language. I then took the so-called American Exam, by which I got the right to work in the United States before England. So I had to take that exam, which is a test of knowledge in English and medicine. Literally, I finished medical school three times. Then, I expected the necessary specializations at Cambridge University to meet all the requirements for doing medical practice in the UK. This political consent is very demanding if you come from a country that is not part of the European community. No matter if the professional community recognizes your knowledge and quality, you are not legal in practice until you acknowledge that knowledge with Union licenses. After getting all the necessary licenses, I built a successful private practice, and for a while, I was also a lecturer at the faculty. Now, in the last phase of my professional career, I do not do this anymore. One of the reasons is also the fact I have many other interests.

With comparable passion and persistence, Dr. Hausmeister has come to study astrophysics. What are the origins of his interest in this sphere?

Ivica Hausmeister: The questions that arise when it comes to the universe, its existence, whether it is eternal, whether and when it  formed, its limits, whether there is anything beyond these limits, are some of the primeval questions that one asks himself from the moment he gained the awareness of his existence in this space we call the universe, the cosmos. These are the questions that exist forever, and of course, they also responded to these questions while I was a child. As long as I lived in Montenegro, from being a child, I liked to follow a magazine called "Galaxy”. It brought data from these areas, it was interesting for me to follow, but I could not really understand that topic. It was my misunderstanding that motivated me, when I learned enough to make myself clear, to write a book where I would approach this phenomenology to the ordinary man, the society I belong to. I'm not a physicist, not an astrophysicist; I cannot go to some depths. But, as an ordinary man, I try to understand this issue, but from a scientific point of view. For, as I have said, as in my business, as in other spheres, I try to approach things in the most objective way, using the scientifically proven truths. So, in my own evolution, I wanted to find a book that brings a chronological story of our universe - from the moment when the universe was born 13.7 billion years ago, so here, through the evolution of the galaxy, the epoch of the earth, the appearance of the living world, man, and the development of civilization. And, I did not find one such book on the market. That's what I was talking about with my daughter Hana, whom I, since she was a little girl, bombarded with various scientific facts and got used to this kind of thinking. She then suggested to me: "Dad, why don't you write the book?!" And so I went on to work on the book I called “Journey Through Time”, with the intent to list all the information regarding the universe's origins in chronological order from the Big Bang theory. But this very well-known topic can be easily expounded only if you understand it yourself.

And, on the other hand, it helped me, too, because through an attempt to explain to someone else, you just understand how much you understand things. I thought I knew enough, but only by studying literature in order to explain certain phenomena, I managed to explain crystalically to the very same phenomena. And, I can say that I am very pleased with the result I have achieved. It's nice when some people praise you, but intimately, you know yourself when you've done something really good. I hope that my book, the first of the four to be chronologically written to show the origin and the development of everything we know, will find its audience. My ambition is that many people, through my book, come to know this domain, which is usually reserved for the scientific community and is difficult to understand by ordinary people.

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