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Montenegrin Goodreads: Andrej Nikolaidis Goodreads

June 28, 2018 - Andrej Nikolaidis was born in 1974 in Sarajevo to a mixed Montenegrin-Greek family. Until the age of six, he lived in the city of Ulcinj, where he returned in 1992 after the war in Bosnia erupted. Since 1994, he has written for regional independent and liberal media, as well as for cultural magazines. He is considered by many to be one of the most influential intellectuals of the younger generation in the region, known for his anti-war activism and for his promotion of the rights of minorities.


Nikolaidis also publicly defended the victims of police torture, which resulted in his receiving many threats, including a death threat during a live radio appearance. He has often stated that he considers freedom of speech to be the basis of freedom.

He has worked as a columnist in the weekly magazine Monitor and for publications including Vijesti (Montenegro), Dnevnik (Slovenia), Slobodna Bosna (Bosnia-Herzegovina), E-novine (Serbia), and Koha Ditore (Kosovo). Since 2010, he has been employed as an advisor for culture and free society in the parliament of Montenegro.


  • Mimesis, 2003
  • Sin (The Son), 2006
  • Balkanska Rapsodija (Balkan Rhapsody), 2007
  • Mimesis i drugi skandali (Mimesis and Other Scandals), 2008
  • Dolazak (The Coming), 2009
  • Homo Sucker : Poetika Apokalipse, 2010
  • Odlaganje. Parezija, 2012
  • Mala enciklopedija ludila (The Small Encyclopedia of Madness), 2013
  • Devet (Till Kingdom Come), 2014
  • Smjena straže (The Changing of the Guard), 2015
  • Mađarska rečenica (The Hungarian Sentence), 201

    Works published in English

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