Flavors of Boka: The Gušti Tavern

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June 23, 2018 - The Bokeški Gušti (Bokelian Flavors) tavern is located nine kilometres from the ferry Kamenari-Lepetane, nine kilometres away from the old town of Kotor, and only twelve kilometres from Tivat.


The capacity of the Gušti Konoba is fifty seats inside and fifty places on the terrace. It has a mooring, a beach for guests, and a parking lot.

The domestic cuisine is always made with fresh fish, so in the summer, it is necessary to book lunch or dinner in advance.

 In winter, on the weekends (Friday and Saturday), there is a live music (two guitars and a tambourine and sometimes an accordion).

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It is a completely family run business. The first year they hired a professional cook and waitress, but it did not work out, so Merica, the owner, continued working with her sons. Merica worked in Montenegro Express as head of the technical department for buses. However, due to the company bankruptcy, she did not receive a salary for two years and Merica decided to start her own business. She is a true visionary, cheerful, sociable, hospitable and kind.
The Gušti tavern works all year round from 12 - 24 h.

The most frequent guests are locals from Kotor and Podgorica. There are also foreigners from all over the world. All fish is local, prepared on a coal barbeque, and you can find types of small fish that other restaurants do not serve (luca, sapa, ukljata, šaran, barbun, raža, pešikan and other).

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Guests eat what the tavern recommends as Merica taught her guests to simply say "We have arrived" and the rest is left up to Merica and the restaurant. 

The speciality of the Gušti Konoba is the Bokeški pjat ( Bokelian plate) which is extremely rich and designed by Merica so the guest can get the best portion possible, and not leave the tavern hungry. Only a satisfied guest can be a good recommendation is taverna's main policy.

Source: Magazin Renome

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