Protected Cultural Monument in Shadow of Apartments and Hotels

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The Location of the Future Complex Verona Village The Location of the Future Complex Verona Village TIVATBEACHCONDOS.COM

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The company "Tivat Beach Condos" has begun the pre-sale of the real estate in a new resort called Verona Village.

May 25, 2018 - Preparations to begin the realization of another multi-million euro real estate project on the coast of Tivat Bay have begun. The company "Tivat Beach Condos" launched the pre-sale of the real estate in a new resort called Verona Village, which will be built over five acres of land along the coast between Župa and Bonići in Tivat.

Verona Village is one of the largest real estate projects in Tivat, per size and investment value. The project involves the construction of 55,000 square meters of apartments, suites and five-star hotels and about three thousand square meters of commercial facilities.

The complex, conceived in the hinterland of an old Medieval mansion and a protected cultural monument, the Byzantine-Verona palate, will include sports fields, a yacht club with a small marina, restaurants, many shops, restaurants and service facilities as well as a branded spa and wellness center. The master plan of this complex also implies significant works to change the existing coastline, because according to the project, in the mainland east of the Verona-Byzantine summer estate, a new small cove is embedded. On its shores around which there will be a promenade with commercial amenities, there is also going to be a hotel and seven residential objects with condos and tourist apartments.

The buildings, out of which the biggest one named "Romeo and Juliet" is on the market, will have studios and one to five-bedroom apartments with 20 to 120 square meters. The medieval mansion that these new large objects will overshadow, as designed, will be the seat of the future "Verona yachting and rowing club" with a restaurant and bar.

The western part of Verona's palate and the surrounding land is owned by the Andrić, i.e., Vukovic family from Tivat, while the east wing of this building which is in ruins belongs to the MGI company from Budva, founded by Čedo Gospić and Nenad Maslovar. MGI is also enrolled in over five hectares of unpaved land in the easternmost part of the palate, on which the development of the Verona Village complex is planned.

Officially behind this project is the company "Tivat Beach Condos" registered in Tivat, whose founders are foreign nationals Mirijam Balken and Korin Hičkok. The company announced that the Verona Village would become one of the new central points of Tivat, and a new real estate complex that should vibrant throughout the year and not only in the three months of the summer season, will be tailored to the cost of not only the wealthy but also the middle-class clients, including the native people. 

The Verona-Byzantine palace was erected in the 14th century and is located on the very seashore in the part of the Tivat bay between Zupa and Bonići. It initially belonged to the Byzantine noble family from Kotor to move into the hands of the Verona family from Prcanj at the beginning of the 18th century.

Its position, as well as a representative building with a central tower and side wings, a port for ships and a spacious estate in the hinterland with several wells with fresh water, make it one of the most representative preserved medieval buildings in Tivat. Therefore, this Gothic-Renaissance building is protected as a cultural monument.

Text by Sinisa Lukovic, on May 25th 2018, read more at Vijesti

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